JP Morgan Rent-Trapping the Middle & Lower-Class

JP Morgan Rent-Trapping the Middle & Lower-Class

The folks in the power at JP Morgan Chase need to be checked into the closest hospital because the desire for limitless money is a mental condition.

The world's largest bank by market cap is JP Morgan Chase, a thriving $400 billion, that made over $75 billion in cash profits during the Covid pandemic as billions struggled, hundreds of millions suffered, and millions perished. JP Morgan Chase was initially founded with the proceeds of slavery and currently controls 1,200 other banks and corporations.

WTF did they do to "earn" those $ 75 billion dollars of profit?

Did they contribute to society in a helpful and meaningful way?

Absolutely not.

Bankers like JP Morgan Chase simply monopolize capital, create credit, and charge usury (rebranded as interest) in order to siphon off wealth from the contributing class. They do this while feigning to be genuine members of society when, in reality, they are the top bloodsuckers in the parasite anti-economy.

For money, JP Morgan will essentially do anything. After all, corporations' sole legal fiduciary duty is to take money from society and give it to shareholders.

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The list is endless. Literally,trillions worth of crimes, fraud, theft, and usury have been committed by them.

The monopolization of housing for the purpose of charging interest, sometimes known as "land-lording," is the most socially acceptable economic crime committed against the working class in our day.

By means of this filthy system that dates back to the medieval era, about 24,000,000 predators take part in the looting of the riches of the poor.

Interest, usury, and rent are all detrimental to civil society for a variety of reasons:

Morally, it is robbery by the parasite class from the contributing class.
It is not feasible mathematically.
It opposes equality.
It opposes both contribution and output.
It has caused a big housing loan bubble, one that is so large that many have forgotten that buying a home shouldn't cost more than 2-3 times the typical yearly wage of one worker.

J. P. Morgan Chase Recently, your new landlord JPMC revealed that it has teamed up with Haven Realty Capital to permanently lock American households into paying rent.

Although they didn't use those precise words, the result will be the same in practice. The human desire for new homes is decreasing as a result of fully unaffordable housing costs.


Let me break down their plan:

  1. JP Morgan Chase will take $1,000,000,000 of depositor money from everyday savers and invest it with their bestie elites.
  2. Build houses that are too expensive for working humans to afford.
  3. JP Morgan Chase will monopolize those houses — threatening working families and individuals with homelessness — unless modern serfs can cough up crushing amounts of rent each month.
  4. By maximizing rents, working contributors will never be able to save up enough to buy an overpriced home. At the same time, JP Morgan Chase will use all that extracted rent money to buy more houses, creating a perpetual parasite cycle that will eventually leave everyone on earth either homeless or paying brutal rents to the monopoly that has a stranglehold on human shelter.

Oh, and they are also a major shareholder of the Federal Reservethe United States of America’s central bank. (Read more about the FED from my previous article)

That’s right: JP Morgan decides when to lower interest rates and create asset bubbles, when to raise interest rates and crash the economy, and when to money-print bailouts so they can buy your mom’s house for cheap.

The reality is that we live in the age of unfettered rules-free-market capitalism — and monopolies like JP Morgan will not stop until they are stopped.

What do they need to do:

As if a little normie like me can make a massive change to interrupt the practices of massive corporate domination (which I can't). All I can do is spread awareness since mainstream media won't and can't. Why? THEY OWN THAT AS WELL.

JP Morgan Chase needs to be held accountable for ALL its crimes against humanity. Their passive shareholders need to be stripped of their limited liability and forced to shoulder the full cost of their company’s frauds. JP Morgan Chase needs to be stripped of its ability to control the American economy which also is aligned with international markets. The Federal Reserve needs to be democratized.

Fuck both of them.

Fortune Favours The Bold.