Elites Desperately Want A Recession To Buy Your Assets for Cheap, Those MF's...

Elites Desperately Want A Recession To Buy Your Assets for Cheap, Those MF's...

A giant recession is coming. We already know that, I have been telling my circle to prepare for it when the time was good to sell profits to greedy retailers in late 2021.

Can you feel it?

I mean technically were are in one right now but as per Biden's administration, there is a newly revised definition of a recession so we aren't in one 😁

Corporatist governments are now predicting in 2023 we'll experience the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Central banksters are practically gleeful in their interest-rate-raising announcements, framing themselves as the saviors of the economy in the fight against the very inflation they caused in the first place. (Clueless Papa Powell)

For those keeping score…

  1. First, the Feds printed $16 trillion (that’s $16,000,000,000,000) in two short years, over $6 trillion of which ended up in the pockets of the rich.
  2. Price inflation started to soar as corporations raised their prices, leaving corporations and the rich with trillions in hard cash that they desperately want to spend.
  3. Now that the increased cost of living is destroying the working class, everyday working people are demanding higher wages, and corporations absolutely hate paying people to produce 100% of their profits.

The elites believe you have too much wealth and power to say no right now — so it’s time to squeeze it out of you and put you back in your place:

  • That’s why their media outlets are currently blaming labor for inflation.
  • That’s why their politicians are currently putting forward anti-freedom laws, like Ontario’s new law that will fine people $4000 for every day they go on strike.
  • That’s why their politicians are attacking public budgets with austerity, stripping old people and children, and working people of the shared services that they are paying for.

And above all, rather than doing the moral and mathematically-sound thing — taxing back the money from the elites who benefited most from the handout — corporate politicians are now blitzkrieg the people’s economy with interest rate hikes and crippling budget cuts.

Interest rate hikes in particular have all sorts of wonderful benefits for the parasite class:

  • It means we have to pay private banksters more money to service the national debt which was largely created by corporatist politicians.
  • It ensures banksters enjoy record profits from all that extra unearned interest they take off of us.
  • It ensures we can afford to buy less, which decreases purchasing demand, which counterintuitive is a good thing for corporations when they can’t deliver in times of supply chain upheaval — never mind our health, safety, and well-being.
  • It ensures that millions of people will lose their jobs as the economy contracts and small businesses shutter. This is great news for mega-corporations, who would otherwise see their stock price suffer due to paying real living wages. But with millions of people freshly out of work, laborers who are desperate for work will compete against each other, thus keeping wages lower than the cost of living.
  • Best of all, interest rate hikes ensure millions of people no longer qualify for loans and mortgages, because there’s no way they could pay back the elevated interest payments.

All of this will have the great and glorious cumulative effect of plunging the nation into a brutal and prolonged recession.

The elite-owned-and-controlled Fed is trying to create a recession.

(The British Cons have already succeeded in ramming Britons into recession and millions of them are now choosing between heating and eating.)

When the American RecessionTM hits, asset prices will fall — particularly the price of houses as millions of families are kicked to the curb.

But there will be no working-class people who can afford to buy those houses thanks to the elevated monthly payment costs.

Cue the B-word: Bailouts.

Once the billionaires and banksters and monopolies feel that the recession has gone on long enough and can go no lower without sparking a murderous purge of those in power, they’ll once again change their tune and decide it’s time for an economic recovery.

The Fed will — on your behalf, of course — create trillions by buying securities from their bankster buddies and depositing the funds with their bankster buddies. Those banks will then do two things with all that money:

  1. They might buy up cheap assets, including your former home (typically in the form of mortgage-backed securities.)
  2. They will definitely loan money to their corporate buddies, who will use it to buy up cheap assets, including your former home.

The corporate-controlled media will then kick into overdrive, excitedly announcing that “the economy” is in recovery… because stock prices are rising and house prices are rising.

But you and I will know the truth.

Just like 2008, 2023 will have been yet another round won by the parasite anti-economy at the cost of the real economy.

  • Millions will lose their life savings and declare bankruptcy.
  • Tens of thousands of businesses will close their doors, giving monopolies more power over suppliers, employees, and consumers.
  • Millions will lose their homes and become rent-trapped for life — paying so much to parasite land-lorders that they’ll never be able to save up enough of a down payment to ever own again.

And what will become of those poor, dear, sweet billionaires and their mega-corporations who engineered this whole “crisis” from the start?

Armed with trillions in tax-payer money, they will hoover up trillions of dollars of dirt-cheap assets — our houses and land and natural resources — and then watch the value of their portfolios soar as asset prices recover.

This pump will continue until the elites feel we’re again at a point where a recession is needed to free up more assets for eating.

Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, well-being, and freedom do not matter.

You do not matter.

You never did.

To me, you do that's why you are reading this...

Fortune Favours The Bold.